He Said She Said and My Multi-Talented Father

He Said She Said

He said he’d always cherish me.
She said she would love me forever.

He said he’d be my partner.
She said she’d be my best friend.

He said he would listen to my stories.
She said she’d laugh at my jokes.

He said he would always listen to me.
She said she’d always talk to me.

He said he would always hug me.
She said she’d always hold my hand.

He said he’d always sleep with me.
She said she would always kiss me good night.

He said he’d always love me.
She said she’d never leave me.

by Isabell


My father came from Ireland. He secured a job working in a linoleum factory and eventually was put in charge. He stayed there for four years and left after saving enough money to open a new business.

He used that savings to open a grocery store at a time when the idea of opening up a store that sold all kinds of food and merchandise was a novel one. He carried a wide variety of foods and offered free delivery.

He also was an editor for a local paper. He wrote poetry and eventually attended Columbia University to continue his studies. Even with his busy schedule, he always found time to help me with my homework. He was a wonderful father I shall always remember.

by Isabell