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“Our department provides residents with opportunities to engage and enrich their lives. No one knew the depth and breadth that this workshop would become. It morphed into this amazing program.”

Valerie Geller

Former program manager, The Gardens Continuing Care at Seabrook Village

“ I was blown away by the poetry that bubbled up from a room full of folks who denied they were poets! Thank you for your invitational and thoughtful leadership. I have heard nothing but positive comments from participants: ‘I learned so much.” . . . ‘That was fun!’

My wheels are beginning to turn for the next Tower League season that begins in the fall.”

Reverend Lynn Casteel Harper

Associate for Parish Care, The Riverside Church, New York City

“There are so many creative residents here at Seabrook in both the independent and continuing care communities. They write, paint, sing, dance, and even act. This group of writers has taken their passion to a whole other level—they produced something for those outside of Seabrook to see—giving others a chance to see the gifts created within our very own community.”

Jennifer Courlas

Former director of The Gardens Continuing Care at Seabrook Village

“Together [with the anthology Voices in Bloom] our residents created a synthesis of sheer sweetness, beauty, history and passion, Each piece tells a story not just about its own subject matter, but about the author as well, who may have come from any different walk of life that defines who they are.”

Art Sparks

Former executive director at Seabrook Village