I met my future husband Murray at Perfection Frocks, a dress house specializing in cotton day-dresses located off of Broadway, down 34th Street in New York City’s garment center. I worked there as a designer and showroom model, modeling their small-sized dresses. It was one of my first jobs upon arriving in this country from Scotland, and I was intent on finding someone who would be willing to sponsor my sister Mona into the States.

Finding none of my co-workers willing to help me, one of the cutters in the production department suggested, “Go ask him,” pointing to a complete stranger on the opposite side of the room.

He had obviously come here to do some business. One of the first things I noticed was his camelhair coat. I could tell from a glance that he was a well-dressed man, something that was important to me. I tapped him on the back. He turned toward me, and said, “What can I do for you, kid?” It was then I noticed his blue eyes and kind face.

We agreed to go to dinner that evening. He took me to a restaurant he knew just around the corner. We both had pot roast, and hit it off right then and there. He agreed to sponsor my sister into the country, gave me a kiss goodnight, and the rest is history.


by Merle Deutsch